Saturday, October 13, 2007

HingeFire Stock Screener has Arrived.

The first release of the HingeFire Stock Screener is available at Please register and download the tool.... and try it out! Note that this initial release is primarily focused on demonstrating the concept and getting feedback from users of what they want to see added to the tool. So in some sense current release is a "Proof of Concept" but still a very powerful tool for your investing.

What are the key advantages of the HingeFire screener? One is the ability to merge fundamental and technical screening in a single tool. Some investors tend to focus on fundamentals and others on technical indicators. We believe that all investors should focus on both in order to put the market edge in your corner. Fundamentals provide a good sense of the long term outlook for a stock while technical indicators help greatly with short-term timing for entries and exits.

Our team plans to add a lot of educational material to our site over time showing how you can win by utilizing a merged fundamental and technical approach to your stock selection. Over the upcoming months both the website and tool will be evolved significantly so please keep checking in.

Please see the User Guide for the tool at:

After you have used the HingeFire Stock Screener for a while, please take our user survey and provide our team with guidance regarding what you would like to see added to the tool.
All users who take the survey are added to a drawing for an iPod!

One of the benefits of being a HingeFire user is that you get to drive future development directions for the product. We look forward to your feedback! Either use the survey or contact us directly at with your suggestions.

Thank you for your support.