Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Quick Takes: U.S. Real Estate Crisis Score Card

  • $500B in loan related write-downs at banks and rising.
  • $2 Trillion in economic credit impairments in lending.
  • 446,726 homes currently in foreclosure (1 for every 196 households).
  • 1.4 Million or more homes expected to enter foreclose in 2008.
  • Foreclosures increasing at over 34% per quarter.
  • U.S. GDP projection for 2008 lowered to 1.9% due to mortgage problems – down a full percentage point.
  • Likelihood of 6.4% unemployment with an additional 3 million jobs lost.
  • Property value drops nationwide estimated at 7% for 2008 – a loss of $1.2 Trillion to homeowners.
  • U.S. Home Prices fall 4.5% nationwide in Q3 of 2007 – the largest decrease ever.
  • 191 Mortgage Lenders out of business.
  • Cities expected lose a minimum $400B of economic activity due to the housing crisis.

Was loosening the traditional lending standards really worth it?


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