Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Learn to Invest in Stocks

For many new investors one of the more frightening aspects of the financial markets is simply figuring out the mechanics of their on-line brokerage account and getting over the fear of performing transactions.

Fortunately for many novices there are resources that can provide some education and help ease them into performing stock transactions. One of the best ways to learn about investing is through paper-trading a simulated account.

There are multiple simulated account resources on-line. One of the best is Wall Street Survivor. This contest site provides a simulated brokerage account with all the features that you will find in your real account. Contests are run that last ten weeks with prizes rewarded for the best returns. There is an active community where you can learn including bulletin boards and blogs. Even if your intent is not to place first in the contest, this is an excellent environment to learn the basics of stock investing and try simulated trades before going up to bat “for real”.

For experienced investors, the contests (with cash prizes) are enlightening and educational. Wall Street Survivor is a valuable resource for investors at all levels of experience. Check them out at: FREE TO PLAY - Fantasy Stock Trading Challenge