Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Is Citi doomed?

Citigroup Inc (C) shares sank to their lowest level in more than nine years on Tuesday after analysts projected that the bank would be taking another $15B to $18B write-down for bad mortgage debt this coming quarter. This places the bank in the perilous position of needing further capital infusions.

Unfortunately, it appears that the sovereign wealth fund spigot is shutting off. Samir al-Ansari, the head of Dubai International Capital, said that it will take more than the combined efforts of the Gulf's wealthiest to save the U.S.-based bank. These statements, made at a private equity conference, are a signal that Citi must find another source for capital.

Sovereign Funds May Not Save Citigroup
Citigroup Shares Drop After Dubai Fund Says Mideast Sovereign Wealth Funds May Fail to Save It