Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Preview: HingeScreen 1.5

It's Faster, More Powerful, More User-Friendly and It's Totally Free!!

New Create Mode Screen with many additional features.

Execute Mode that is faster than ever....

Expanded Menus

Instant Access to HingeFire online resources

Over 700 Indicators to choose from

Build and Edit Screens with fewer clicks

Candlestick Indicators, Chart Pattern Indicators...

More Fundamental Indicators. Including Relative Strength against more than 35 indexes. What other tool allows you to compare six month performance against the PHLX Semiconductor Index?

Want to share your screens with others? - Use the Export and Import utilities.

Filter your favorite screens

Easier to Edit, Delete, Save, and Print Screens

Improved Support for Executing Screens - Blazing Fast and Feature Rich

Pick and Choose what information you want to see in your results

Easy Access to Fundamental and Technical Data

Need Results over Time? HingeSort Does It!
This feature is not available in any other product.

Which Symbols are seen more frequently inyour results over time?

Been away on a trip. Need to screen on previous days?
Now get results from previous market periods.

Download older data files whenever needed.
Does any other screener allow you to screen in the past? No!
Only HingeScreen provides this capability.
Need to remember which screens you ran on which days?

Use the Screen History utility to check which screens you ran on which days.

Need Recommendations?

Use the Hinge Quick Buttons to get access to stocks recommended by the community.
HingeScreen 1.5 - Coming in April !