Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Get Coupons on the Web

With the prices of food and basic necessities rising weekly, the importance of saving money has risen to a new urgency in many families. Coupons – a normally ignored component of Sunday’s newspaper have now become an important part of the family budget.

Even so last year only 1% of coupons were redeemed. This rate is expected to rise this year. One issue with the low redemption rate is that many paper coupons are for articles not normally purchased by families. One bit of good news for consumers is that manufacturers are offering more coupons this year for commonly purchased items, even as they raise prices.

One resource for coupons is the web; there are a number of free and paid sites that offer coupons. It is no longer necessary to limit your search to the Sunday paper. A recent Wall Street Journal online article provides an overview of the “The Best Sites for Coupon Clipping”.