Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hitting Top Returns in midst of Market Turmoil

What does it take to hit solid market returns even when market conditions are leaving the most experienced investors fearful? It comes down to proper stock selection and having the appropriate tools to find the best investments on both the long and short side of the market.

The FREE HingeFire stock screener is a powerful product that merges fundamental and technical indicators in a single tool. This helps put the market edge in the corner of investors.

GregB is now ranked 267 out of 18824 players in the Wall Street Survivor Contest (Traders Wanted - Play $50,000 Stock Trading Game). The evening before the contest, I ran the HingeBuy and HingeSell screens in the HingeScreen 1.5 product. These screens normally produce 30 to 50 results. HingeBuy provides a list of stocks that have the potential to out-perform the market; while HingeSell produces a list of stocks that are likely to under-perform.

It comes down to proper stock selection enabled by the HingeScreen product. I only had to pick a set of stocks once, at the very beginning of the contest to be successful. No need to churn the portfolio or trade.

A summary of the results to date are provided below. Note that all of the longs are still above water despite the violent downtrend in the market over the past few weeks. The balanced long and short portfolio is an excellent example of how to squeeze excess alpha out of the market. The overall return of the portfolio was +14.74% over a few weeks (72.68% on a yearly basis).

Symbol Return
MOS +15.92%
XEC +0.86%
AXYS +0.46%
DAR +10.36%
BMI +0.06%

Symbol Return
FSNM +53.83%
GSAT +31.12%
CIX +22.65%
LYTS +19.54%
MEDX -5.19%

Disclosure: These stocks have been selected in a fantasy stock selection contest. They are not held in my real portfolio. Investing involves risk. Your results using software screening informational tools may vary. Proper portfolio diversification is important and any outlined investments may not be appropriate for your financial objectives or risk tolerance. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell securities.