Monday, April 30, 2007

What’s coming up !

I would like to thank folks for their feedback asking when some more posts are coming. I have been buried under between soccer and delivering programs at work recently. However there is some good information coming soon! Here is a list of some of the posts I am in middle of putting together:

1) Investing for Global Warning
Global warming has been a topic that is increasingly in media reports recently. There is significant debate if man-kind generated global warming exists and what it’s impact will be. One of the truths however is that politicalization of “global warming” will drive government mandates that require investment. Which sectors and companies will be hot in the coming years as the business sector contends with this situation. Should you be investing in alternative energy companies, water firms, uranium firms, or power-related semi-conductor tech firms?

2) Portfolio Design for your 401K – Part 2
What are all the questions and details of designing a portfolio. Why does modern portfolio design lead to more questions then answers. Delve into the depths of the problems an investor will encounter when attempting to look at the details of creating the optimum fund mix.

3) Real Estate Update
The summer selling season is almost here. Will poor sales this summer finally break the back of the real estate market in most localities and result in a climate with more “fear”? What are the possible outcomes? Does risk exist beyond the subprime and Alt-A meltdown?

4) Screening for Winning Stocks
At times investors seem to be divided into two camps; fundamental and technical. An approach to selecting stocks involving both fundamental information and technical indicators appears to get the best results for investors. Most investors should have both methods in your arsenal. Does it not make sense to use all the tools at your disposal to get as large as an edge on the market as possible? This summary will discuss some of the criteria, both fundamental and technical, which I use when screening for stocks.