Thursday, April 3, 2008

Are you being throttled by your ISP?

Comcast recently was caught throttling P2P traffic leaving customers fuming. More than one has filed lawsuits accusing Comcast of false advertising over claims the service offered “unfettered access to all the content, services, and applications that the Internet has to offer”.

Many customers find that their broadband service slows to a crawl when they use particular bandwidth extensive applications. Multiple cable companies have been accused of throttling customer bandwidth. In some cases, the customer simply has the misfortune of being located in an over-subscribed node. In other scenarios, it is probable that the cable company is “managing” bandwidth. Throttling types of traffic or information exchanges with particular web locations violate the concept of Net Neutrality, one of the founding principles of the internet until large corporate interests decided to attempt to squeeze more money out of the web. SaveTheInternet has continued to fight for the rights of all Internet users.

The following video that explains why discrimination on the Internet is a problem and will continue to be as long as net neutrality rules are not enforced.

Another excellent video (and winner of the 2007 Webby People's Voice Award) is Save the Internet!

FreePress outlines 5 Ways to Test If Your ISP Throttles P2P.

Take action now to save the Internet by supporting the Internet Freedom Preservation Act.