Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chinese markets plunge 50% in six months

Earlier HingeFire articles outlined the risk of the Chinese stock market (see The Plunge Continues – China, Shanghai Index Double Top, ETFs to short China) and the probability of the bubble would implode. A summary from early April outlined the rapid deflation of the Chinese indexes. In the past week, the Shanghai index dropped another 11%.

The deteriorating situation has caught the eye of the mainstream press. The WSJ outlines the 50% fall of the Chinese market in a mere six months as a front page article. With the P/E ratio of the composite Shanghai index still at a frothy 35, the market still has plenty of downside. To reach a nominal P/E of 20, the index would slide to 1700; a 72% crash from the Shanghai market peak. A situation that is very reminiscent of the NASDAQ in 2002.