Thursday, May 22, 2008

Countrywide Chairman tells Homeowners they are Disgusting

Countrywide Financial Corp. Chairman Angelo Mozilo reaped $132 million as the mortgage lender got hammered in 2007. It appears this wad of cash has not made him appreciative of his customers; he views homeowners as “disgusting”.

Apparently Mozilo does not know the difference between the reply and forward buttons, setting the stage to send an absurd email response to a homeowner. It does reveal the contempt that the executive holds for homeowners seeking help with unaffordable adjustable-rate mortgages, loans that were pressed on them due to Countrywide’s inappropriate business practices.

As outlined by the government and consumer groups, the mortgage giant has a history of focusing on loans that generate the maximum fees even if they were totally unsuitable for the homeowners, while not properly explaining the terms of the loan. Furthermore many loan agents, as shown in this case once again, made “promises” about refinancing and other loan attributes that would defined in most courts as fraud.

Despite these mortgage companies claiming in Washington that they are taking steps to alleviate the pain of homeowners; the email exchange underlines the stark reality that the mortgage giants actually could give less than two hoots about these mortgage-holders.

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