Sunday, June 29, 2008

Are You in the Top 5% of Investors

GregB is currently ranked 350 out of 15872 investors in the current Wall Street Survivor contest - Traders Wanted - Play $50,000 Stock Trading Game

This is the third time I have selected 5 stocks from the HingeBuy list as longs and 5 stocks from the HingeSell list as shorts the night before a contest opened and held the picks with no trades. The outcome has been the same in all three contests, the results are in the top 5%.

Isn’t time that you used information that could power top-ranked investing results? This is the power of the automated HingeBull and HingeBear selection process that is integrated in the FREE HingeScreen product.

One of the primary beliefs of the founders of HingeFire is that investors do not need $3000 seminars to be successful in the market. Investors simply need the tools to provide an edge in the market and a community of like-minded investors to work with. The objective of HingeFire is to build the tools and community to enable the success of investors at all levels.

I will confess that my results when I try to simply pick stocks that are “hot” or I got a “tip from a friend on" – are dismal. This is why it is important to use tools that can objectively screen the universe of stocks to define the stocks with the most potential. Start using the HingeFire stock screener today and get the information that will give you this type of edge on the market.

Disclosure: These stocks have been selected in a fantasy stock selection contest. They are not held in my real portfolio. Investing involves risk. Your results using software screening informational tools may vary. Proper portfolio diversification is important and any outlined investments may not be appropriate for your financial objectives or risk tolerance. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell securities.


Anonymous said...

file not found when I try to download the software.

GregB said...

This is being fixed right now.

GregB said...

Just as a note... this problem is now fixed. Had a permissions problem in IIS that needed to be put to the correct setting.


- Greg B.