Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Coming Wednesday: HingeScreen Release 1.5

Great News! HingeScreen 1.5 has arrived.

The new software release 1.5, and the totally updated website will become available during the day on Wednesday June 11th.

This does have a couple of important ramifications for the user community.

1) Users will have to download the new HingeScreen 1.5 software client at the new site in order to keep using the tool. The earlier 1.2 client is no longer supported. All of your existing screens, and results will automatically transfer on your PC when you upgrade to the same directory, so you will not lose any information.

2) All users' passwords have been reset to your username plus 123. For example an account with the username "paul" will have a default password of "paul123". Users will be able to immediately change their default passwords at their profiles on the new site.

The new HingeScreen 1.5 software client is still FREE, and includes many features asked for by the user community: more fundamental indicators, additional technical indicators, and new candlestick & chart pattern indicators. The 1.5 software client contains links to many community features at the new website including a forum, market news, broker ratings, and the blog. For a full list of the exciting new features in release 1.5, please see the Products section in the new website. A wealth of educational material and training videos are also provided on the new website.

I would like to thank the beta testers who gave feedback over the past couple of months. Our team is working to have a smooth transition tomorrow, and get the full-featured website and software release available to the entire community.