Friday, June 13, 2008

Go to My Broker Feature

One of the additions to the new HingeScreen 1.5 release is a “Go to My Broker” feature. This functionality in the Execute Mode pane allows you to go to your stock broker’s website with the click of a single button. This is a very useful feature at times when you are screening the market for new opportunities.

The image of the gentleman at the top of the screen is the link to your selected default brokerage website.

Under the Options menu at the top, there is a My Broker item. Pulling up this menu shows an Edit Brokers item at the top of the list. The remainder of the list consists of direct website links to major online brokers.
Pressing on the Edit Broker item pulls up a pop up that allows you to add, delete, and edit brokers in the list. Three buttons are at the top, Create New Broker Entry, Save Broker Details, and Delete this Active Broker. A drop down box below this contains a list of brokers, selecting an item displays the broker’s url in the text box below.

The user can select a broker and press the Default button at the bottom to have the broker set as the default (when you press on the image in the Execute Mode pane). Remember to hit the Apply button at the bottom left after all transactions to make them permanent.

The Go to My Broker website feature is a very useful function in the HingeScreen 1.5 release. Users can perform screens and easily pull up their broker’s website to perform trades or get more information.