Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Great News! HingeScreen 1.5 Now Available

The new HingeScreen 1.5 software client includes many features asked for by the user community; more fundamental indicators, additional technical indicators, and new candlestick & chart pattern indicators. The 1.5 software client contains links to many community features at the new website including a Forum, Market News, Broker Ratings, and the Blog.

There is a wealth of educational information at the new HingeFire Site. Some of the best information to see on using the new HingeScreen 1.5 release includes:

Take a Tour

Videos on usingHingeScreen

User Documents

Information on Indicators

One of the primary beliefs of the founders of HingeFire is that investors do not need $3000 seminars to be successful in the market. Investors simply need the tools to provide an edge in the market and a community of like-minded investors to work with. The objective of HingeFire is to build the tools and community to enable the success of investors at all levels.