Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wall Street Survivor Update

Is anyone else earning 88.57% returns on a yearly basis?

HingeBuy and HingeSell can help you achieve this type of return.

At the beginning of May, I entered the latest Wall Street Survivor contest. I selected 5 stocks from the HingeBuy list as longs and 5 stocks from the HingeSell list as shorts the night before the contest opened. Wall Street Survivor provides each player with $100,000 in “cash” for investing in the contest. I placed $10,000 into each stock on the first day of the contest and have not made any trades whatsoever since this time.

The longs were:
Symbol Return
MOS +24.84%
XEC +11.49%
AXYS +6.16%
DAR +12.72%
BMI -7.92%

The shorts were:
Symbol Return
FSNM +33.44%
GSAT +7.25%
CIX +21.57%
LYTS +17.25%
MEDX +1.37%

I did not use leverage (i.e. excess margin) in the contest. The portfolio is currently worth $112,617.93; this is a 12.62% return over a few weeks (or 88.57% on a yearly basis). Player GregB is currently ranked 326 out of 14762 players. Most other players in the contest trade regularly. My result is not bad for simply picking ten stocks, not trading them, and not using leverage.

This demonstrates the power of the HingeBuy and HingeSell automated selection process. Start using the HingeFire stock screener and get the information that will give you this type of edge on the market.

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Disclosure: These stocks have been selected in a fantasy stock selection contest. They are not held in my real portfolio. Investing involves risk. Your results using software screening informational tools may vary. Proper portfolio diversification is important and any outlined investments may not be appropriate for your financial objectives or risk tolerance. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell securities.