Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cisco dashes 2008 recovery hopes but there is light

Earlier commentary associated Cisco outlined hopes of a tech sector recovery in 2008. Recent comments on Tuesday by CEO John Chambers dashed those hopes. He stated "I think most of us realize that it's probably going to be a little bit longer than the one to two quarters that some people had hoped for.”

In reaction most analysts cut their forecasts for CSCO citing that both the remainder of 2008 and 2009 could be challenging for the company.

Cisco stock dropped to $21.76 late Wednesday afternoon. Despite the bearish trend of CSCO and the overall market recently; a basic predictive analysis spreadsheet that utilizes volatility, mean return, standard deviation, trend, and other factors indicates the future is not so gloomy. A quick run of the spreadsheet shows that CSCO has a 5% chance of hitting $30 in the next 90 days and only a 1% chance of hitting $16.

This shows that a basic short-term analysis is leaning towards a more bullish case for Cisco stock – hopefully the market follows through and provides shareholders with some type of short-term rebound. However the long term price is always driven by the fundamentals, which in this case is dependent on an overall tech sector recovery.

At minimum a soft economic patch will provide the 800lb gorilla Cisco the opportunity to shake some of the smaller competing monkeys out of the trees. Cisco has tradition of leaving competitors in the dust; especially taking advantage of downturns to enhance their position in both existing and newly emerging markets.