Friday, July 25, 2008

Important: Funds over the FDIC limit at WaMu

If there is one post to sit up and pay attention to this month - This is the post.

Get your funds over the FDIC limit out of WaMu now! There appears to be a run on the bank forming and one likely end-game will be the FDIC seizing the bank; similar to the situation with another large bank, IndyMac, recently.

Knowledgeable investors have been removing funds for several weeks and now the situation has caught the attention of the mainstream press. A recent report by Gimme Credit cited liquidity concerns with Washington Mutual.

"We won't use the phrase `run on the bank,' but we would be remiss if we did not observe that many creditors have quietly been pulling funds,'' wrote Shanley, based in Chicago. Their actions are "presenting an increasing funding challenge,'' she wrote.'

The bank disputes the findings stating that 7 billion cash infusion led by TPG Inc, cost reduction plans, and a lack of need for commercial paper will help Washington Mutual ride out the storm. Many analysts are skeptical. These restructuring actions are helpful but will not enable the bank to survive a crush of depositors withdrawing funds from an institution that is increasingly looking like a house of cards. Standard depositors are likely to follow the lead of savvy unsecured creditors over the upcoming weeks as more bad press continues.

The second day of WM stock in free-fall is a more telling sign about the challenges facing the institution. While some would state that withdrawing your funds over the FDIC limit does not help the stability of the bank, the other side of the coin states that why should your be out of your funds from a personal finance perspective because you did not take action in the early stages while the crisis was unfolding.