Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Are Banks at a bottom?

A recent Motley Fool article asks if it “Is It Time to Buy the Banks?” The KBW banking index is down over 40% from the year before levels. The constant stream of news from the banking sector appears to be negative; more FDIC takeovers, increasing write-downs, and larger banks as take-over targets.

One point of view says the entire banking industry will be in trouble for the next 12 months with increasing failures and negative headline press. The other side of the coin outlined by Motley Fool states that banks offer a compelling value purchase situation and the KBW index may have seen its trough.

Investors can look at yield, P/E, book value, Justified P/BV, or other ratios. Using the math, it appears that banks may be near a historic valuation low and are due for rebound. At minimum, it is time to start investigating stronger individual stocks in this sector for purchase.


Phil said...

Welcome back Greg.... Missed your insight.