Friday, May 21, 2010

Humor: The Story of the Banks in Iceland

It started with bankers in the U.K. asking 'Where can we find some pansies to sell this CDO crap to?"

UK "We are going to make ourselves rich by selling wothless CDOs dressed up as jewels to your fishermen banks"
Iceland "Yeah we are getting rich.... Big Party."
UK "We will even sell short and bet against the crap we sold you"
Iceland "Hey, this stuff melted down and is worthless."
UK "By the way we expect you to tax all your citizens 3 million dollars each to make up for our 'losses'".
Iceland "FU - stuff it. We voted and ain't paying."
UK "We'll start seizing your international assets till you pay."
Iceland "FU. Enjoy some volcanic ash."
UK "Stop.... you're sinking our economy!"
Iceland "Maybe you should of thought about that before you demanded repayment on the worthless crap you sold us."
UK "Choke....cough.... choke...."